About Kim

In one aspect, Kim is a 3rd generation of Chinese in Thailand. He received 1st class honour in Industrial Psychology from Kasetsart University, and MBA (business strategy) from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with a full sponsorship from the Thai government.

With his accumulated knowledge, Kim serves in a business sector as an Export Sales for Tableware company. Because of his vast experiences, and vision, Kim was a consultant for a top-tier giant american company.

Another aspect, Kim is a life consultant by using Modern Tarot reading. The starting point of this aspect occured in 2009, Kim crossed path with Master Pubet -- a well-known tarot reader then . Kim daringly challenged Master Pubet if he could predict correctly. Kim absolutely did not believe him. Kim might solely become a businessman if the prediction from Master Pubet was not correct, In fact, the prediction is truly correct.

Master Pubet totally turned Kim around from challenging to accepting him. Kim decided to be his pupil, and have been learning modern Tarot card reading since.

Tarot reading methodology that was passed on Kim has its origin in America. The first master of our academy studied at The American Tarot Association. He then passed on the knowledge to his pupils.

Interestingly, Tarot card reading methodology will basically change when the knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next; however, the prediction accuracy remains, basically 60-90%, The difference is the prediction style. In Thailand, more than half of tarot readers are fakes and scams. This is unacceptable to Kim, hence Kim decided to “differentiate” himself by adehering to the genuine core of tarot reading which is “Advice” for clients since 2009.

These are mindset and protocols that Kim always keeps in mind when tarot reading and has been since the beginning of this aspect of his life. He also applies psychology, salesmanship, and business consultanting concepts to his prediction. Clients can definitely trust, and be guaranteed that they will receive not only tarot card prediction, but also advice from a modern tarot reader who has various experiences. Kim will be a sincere friend who helps his clients to have a better life.