7 Gurus

Specific questions put clients and Kim on the same page which leads to the most accurate tarot reading session: 60-90% accuracy.

7 Gurus is a how to asking correct questions with simple principles:

1. Keep the questions simple, and direct to the point. (Don't beat around the bush.)

2. Provide name of the person, place, occupation, related to the questions.

3. Provide the timeframe (1,3,6 months, years), or specify a particular period (this January, 1st of this month.)

*The most frequently encountered issue is clients avoided telling the truth before the session, but told it at the end instead. Clients are highly suggested to provide adequate information before the session start so that Kim understands the root cause, and can more effectively analyze them.

**Client confidentiality is Kim’s protocol so don’t be shy, or speak the truth.

***These questions cannot be predicted (1) investment (2) gambling (3) illegal matters

Specific questions make clients and Kim on the same page which leads the tarot reading session most accurate which is 60-90%
Family: My name is Laura with Sarah
1. Will the relationship between Grandfather A and uncle B improve within 2 months?
2. How will the relationship between this couple look like in the near future (Mr. C and Mrs. D)
3. My daughter, Sarah -- how will her life be when she is grown up, will she cause any issues for me?

Goals: My name is Thomas

1. Will I be able to purchase a motorbike (Ducati monster 795) within this year?

2. Will I be able to sell my house this month? (My house is no.15 in Utah)


Health: My name is Collins

1. I would like to know about my overall health a year from now, any issues to be concerned about?

2. 2. Should I decide to go through with an operation for disease A, or should I just live with it?

3. Will my health improve within 3 months? I am having heartburn lately.

Love: My name is Susan

1. Will the relationship between James (my boyfriend) and I be back on track within 1 month? 

2. I like a handsome guy, his name is Frank. How does he think about me?


Luck: My name is Parker

1. Will I have any luck with windfall? (Free money, gifts from others)
2. Will I have any luck with winning a lottery within 6 months?


Money: My name is Mary

1. Will I be able to save up 10,000 USD in my account this year?

2. How will my cash flow look like within the next these 6 months? Any issues to be concerned about?

Work: My name is Baker
1. Will I have a lot of customers within the next 3 months?
2. Will I get promoted to be a manager within the next year?
3. Should I stay with the current company, or move to a new one?
4. I got 2 job offers. Which company Should I choose A, or B?